Hotel booking in Dubai

Luxury hotels reservation service:

1. If you are demanding to service, and want to understand - for what you pay money.

2. If it is important to be sure that you will be accommodated with comfort and special attention.

Take advantage of our service luxury hotel reservation in Dubai and other cities around the world.

With Dubai Number One you will stay in a 4-6 star hotel, with a discount of up to 20%, compared to the prices of tour operators. Since 2016, we have been doing everything to ensure that the rest of our customers is top notch. We will take care of you ...

VIP reservation - when everything is at your service.

To book a hotel in Dubai (and not only), you just tell the date of the planned arrival. Further our specialists will act:

1. They will pick up the room and the place that meets your needs and confirm the reservation.

2. Find an alternative option (if your chosen hotel is full). We guarantee that the location and level of service will suit you!

3. Will pick up a concierge (relevant only for Dubai), who will become your personal assistant and consultant in a foreign country.

4. Assign VIP airport transfer and upon request will provide a premium car rental.

The most profitable hotel booking through our online service is the international hotel chain Jumeirah.